Live Tracking

Planet Ultra / Hoodoo 500 is proud to once again provide GPS live tracking in 2017. Please do not email Planet Ultra if there are issues with the tracking. You are welcome to provide feedback about the tracking after the event.
Please note: The red part of the loop is the Hoodoo 300 route. The mileage shown is based on the 500-mile route only.

If you’re tracking with a mobile phone, click on this link to load the “app.”  Please load the page when you have a strong signal. After the page is loaded it requires less data to update, and may be used with a lesser data signal. Select your primary event as ‘Hoodoo’, then go to ‘Tracker’ to load the map. Map will cache so no need to load map tiles again.

Tracking information is not the official results; only times and rider status in the webcast is official.