The Hoodoo 500 offers two unique divisions for the most experienced ultra-distance cyclists which allows them to race without a support crew, entirely self-supported: Voyager (Saturday start) and Voyager 72 (Friday start).

The Voyager and Voyager 72 Divisions are open to everyone and no request for entry is required. Voyager and Voyager 72 must, however, sign and return at racer check-in a detailed information and waiver letter identifying specific rules and requirements for participating in this division including an acknowledgment that if he/she abandons, he/she is solely responsible for transportation back to St. George and lodging somewhere on the route if transportation is not immediately available (it likely won’t be).

While there are no specific or required qualification standards, potential riders should understand that this is a very challenging route with the potential for extreme weather changes and long stretches with no services. We highly recommend that the first time you race Hoodoo, you do so with crew.

The Hoodoo 500 is a super tough race through very remote areas. You absolutely must be willing to put a rack and bag on your bike, as well as carry a camelbak. You absolutely must be willing to carry everything you could possibly need to make it through a long, dark and cold night (and perhaps the better part of the second or third night) in areas where there are no services. Between the hours of 10pm and 8am, finding an open store to buy food will be very challenging. You may be able to find water at the many campgrounds along the course, or from a local garden house in someone’s yard. You absolutely must be willing to study the route and do as much research as required to plan your refueling stops, rest stops if needed, and water sources.  Before signing up, do your homework!

There is NO SAG or other on-course support from the race, other than one drop bag to the Panguitch Time Station. Voyager racers may opt at their own expense and effort, to mail supplies to the Escalante Time Station, and will have access to a hotel room there (and in Panguitch) which is available to everyone. Voyager racers may also opt to arrange (and may/should share) a hotel room in Loa or Bicknell and have supplies mailed there as well.

For a newbie Hoodoo racer attempting the Voyager or Voyager 72 division, at the very minimum your cycling experience should include multiple day bike-packing adventures, and/or completion of a 400k brevet, 24 hour event or a supported 500-mile race within the past two years.

Click here for Voyager-specific event rules. Please take this division very seriously. This division is intended for riders with significant experience in distance, self-supported riding / bike-packing, and who are willing and able to take the time and effort to plan for the challenge. 

Voyager Categories:

Voyager (solo, no support crew – Saturday start)
• Limited to 25 riders.
• Male (Open, 50+ and 60+)
• Female (Open, 50+ and 60+)

Voyager 72 (solo, no support crew – Friday start)
• Limited to 25 riders.
• Male (Open, 50+ and 60+)
• Female (Open, 50+ and 60+)

Voyagers Conjoined (for either category): – “Joined at the hip” for the duration of the race **
• Limited to 5 “teams”
• Male (Open, 50+ and 60+)
• Female (Open, 50+ and 60+)
• Mixed (Open, 50+ and 60+)

**Conjoined Voyagers must ride together (drafting or side-by-side when traffic permits) at all times except on descents greater than 3-4%. At the bottom of descents, they must re-group. Both must finish or both must quit. 

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Included with your Voyager or Voyager 72 entry:

  • LIVE Tracking includes your GPS SPOT tracker rental.
  • One tech t-shirt per rider.
  • Official Finishers receive a custom medal and cycling jersey. Matching shorts/bibs may be ordered at the awards banquet.
  • Awards ceremony and breakfast banquet: One ticket per rider. Extra tickets may be purchased during registration. Your banquet ticket is also a raffle ticket. Lots of fun prizes up for grabs!
  • Podium awards (if you’re a top finisher in a division with more than 5 competitors).
  • Event Book, Route Sheets, Registration Forms (electronic copies) and access to route RideWithGPS files for download.
  • Entry and passage through Snow Canyon State Park, Dixie National Forest, and Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Hoodoo requires a year-round organizational effort. In addition to the items above, we also provide these all-important non-tangibles:

  • An outstanding, scenic and incredibly challenging course through Utah’s beautiful color country.
  • Festive and professional start/finish line.
  • Live and active weekend webcast with updated time-splits, active Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds and lots of photos.
  • Year-round access to a live person who will answer emails within 24-hours and help you prepare for the experience of a lifetime!
  • Access to historical data and event records for each division and category.
  • And so much more!


  • We do our best to make it as easy as possible. Entry fees are non-refundable; but you may defer your entry to the following year or transfer to another racer or team, if you let us know 90 days before the race. That said, sometimes life gets in the way at the last minute, so your best bet is to purchase for a nominal fee during registration the event cancellation insurance. More information about the cancellation insurance and cancellation policy here.
  • Registration closes July 31st.
  • Conjoined Team entrants: Each Voyager registers separately and will indicate during registration the name of their teammate.
  • Flexibility regarding conjoined teams. At any time before the start, Voyagers may opt to race separately. After the start, you’re all in. Together for the duration.READY TO REGISTER? Click here!

Looking for teammates or crew? Post on the Hoodoo 500 Facebook page! Be sure and include your contact info.