The Hoodoo 300 distance includes a unique division for the more experienced ultra-distance cyclists which allows them to participate without a support crew.

The Nomad division is an open division and no request for entry is required. Nomads must, however, sign and return at racer check-in a detailed information and waiver letter identifying specific rules and requirements of participating in this division including an acknowledgment that if he/she abandons, he/she is solely responsible for transportation back to St. George and lodging somewhere on the route if needed.

While there are no specific or required qualification standards, potential riders should understand that this is a very challenging route with the potential for extreme weather changes. We highly recommend the Hoodoo 300 the first time with crew. If first time riders are attempting this Nomad division, at the very minimum their cycling experience should include completion of at least three of the tougher double centuries or a 400k brevet within the past two years.

The Hoodoo 300 is a super tough ride through very remote areas. You absolutely must be willing to put a rack and bag on your bike, as well as carry a camelbak. You absolutely must be willing to carry everything you could possibly need to make it through many hours of a long, dark and cold night. There are long stretches with no services, especially in the last 85 miles. There is NO SAG for Nomad racers.

Nomad Categories:

Nomad (solo, no support crew)
• *Limited to 50 riders selected by the Directors based on a submitted resume.
• Nomad Men (Open, 50+ and 60+)
• Nomad Women (Open, 50+ and 60+)

Nomads Conjoined (“joined at the hip” for the duration of the race, no support crew)
• *Limited to 10 “teams,” each member individually qualified, selected by the Directors based on a submitted resume.
• Male Nomad Team (Open, 50+ and 60+)
• Female Nomad Team (Open, 50+ and 60+)
• Mixed Nomad Team (Open, 50+ and 60+)