The sole purpose of Rules is to strive for safety (although road cycling is inherently dangerous), ensure competitive fairness and to comply with various permit requirements.

We trust that every racer and every crew member understands that the consequences for breaking or even bending a rule is less a measure of time (even if you get a penalty) than a measure of personal integrity. So if it were possible to have just ONE rule, it would be this: Don’t be a jerk. That actually covers quite a lot.

Everything we put in the Rules seemed important enough to put in writing. For anything else that comes up, we (Event Directors) will attempt our best to do what is right and what is fair, and not be jerks about it. That said, we may at any time alter the Rules or invent new ones. We have final say over Rules, their interpretation and enforcement. If a rider or crew plans to do something not explicitly covered by the Rules, they are encouraged to inquire in advance.

Click here for the 500-Mile Non-Stop Rules (Updated 5/21/24) 

Click here for Voyager (500-mile) Division Rules (Updated 9/7/23)

Click here for the 300-Mile Non-Stop Rules (Updated 5/21/24)

Click here for the Nomad (300-Mile) Division Rules (Updated 9/7/23)

Click here for the 500-Mile Stage Rules (Updated 5/21/24)

Click here for the 300-Mile Stage Rules (Updated 5/21/24)