POLICY ON EVENT CANCELLATION: Entry fees are non-refundable.

That said, up to 90 days before the race:

  • Entry fees deferral or transfer may be requested via email to Planet Ultra.
  • Deferred fees may be used only for the following year’s event. If the deferred fees are less than the the cost of the following year’s race or if you wish to race a division with higher fees, you will be responsible for the price difference.
  • Deferred entries are not refundable if not used for the next year’s event or if you wish to race in a division with lower fees.
  • Because life can throw a wrench in your plans at the last minute, we highly recommend that you purchase for a nominal fee the event cancellation insurance offered during registration. (See below)

Because the cost of insurance is so small, and our fixed costs and our efforts related to planning and preparing for the event are so large, beyond what’s stated above, we are unable to offer refunds or last minute deferrals/credits. PLEASE purchase the event insurance. It is a very small cost compared to the overall expenses of attending a weekend event.

When you purchase the insurance with registration you will receive an separate email confirmation from the insurance company with information on how to make a claim if you need to.
Click here to review the policy FAQs.


What happens if Planet Ultra is forced to cancel or postpone an event?

DISASTER POLICY:  If an act of God/Terrorism/Community Disaster/Governmental Shutdown, Pandemic, Epidemic or other unforeseen act of Bureaucracy occurs, preventing the event from happening, what actions are taken?

1.  Planet Ultra will make decisions based upon “safety first.”  The event will be altered as necessary; such as shortened, modified, or offering an alternate course, or will be cancelled.  If the event must be cancelled or postponed, participants will be notified as quickly as possible.
2.  If an event is cancelled or postponed, affected participants will have first right to sign up for that event next year.
3. If the event is permanently cancelled, a portion of entry fees may be transferred to another event of the participant’s choice.
4. Financial Ramifications: 
Planet Ultra cannot assume the risk of a disaster for everyone. Each athlete needs to accept the risk of his or her entry fee and/or other incidental expenses related to participating in the event. Planet Ultra cannot offer refunds or vouchers for other future rides. Entry fees are spent in advance to develop and prepare for the event.**

• Planet Ultra reserves the right to cancel an event for any reason. If an event is cancelled for reasons other than a disaster/pandemic/epidemic/act of god/terrorism/bureaucracy, Planet Ultra may refund entry fees, or provide a voucher to each registered participant.

**Postponing an event does NOT recoup costs advanced in preparation for an event, nor the time spent planning. It’s a LOSS for the organizer no matter what. It’s the same as you having completed all the tasks to finish a project where you work; and then your employer decides not to pay you for it. Then you have to RE-DO the project and get paid way less for it. We’d appreciate your understanding. Please remember that by registering for an event you agree to our no-refund policy.

The above policies are standard practice in the event business. We must all share the risk.