Click here for a RideWithGPS map and elevation profile of the route. Please note: RWGPS is showing a dirt section beginning at mile 65.5 which was paved several years ago. We promise you, there are no dirt roads on our amazing route!

Generally speaking, the 300 route starts with the 500 route and is the same until the 500 mile riders turn right on Highway 12 towards Bryce Canyon; where, the 300 racers stay left and head to Panguitch. From the Panguitch Time Station the route is the same as the 500 route again. 

Please note: With a route this distance, it’s simply impossible to not have some traffic-y miles without a great shoulder. Some of the less great roads have no other option. Whether racing or riding in our local communities, we take some risks while cycling. This is no different. 

Click here to see some photographs of the route.

Riders interested in seeing the entire course at a leisurely pace (a week), in full daylight, should check out our Planet Ultra Tour of Southern Utah.