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At 7am Monday, the 2013 Hoodoo 500 is official over!

We will update this with a race report after some much needed sleep…

Joel Sothern is the 2013 Hoodoo 500 Solo Champion in his 50+ record breaking time of 33 hours 14 minutes. Karen Dee Williams is the Solo Women’s Winner with her time of 41 hours 44 minutes.

Team Chubby takes the 4-Person Relay win with a time of 31 hours 28 minutes. Congrats to Joel Flowers, Matt Longson, Gary Ogden and Brett Wehrli.

Congratulations to 2-Person Relay Champions, Team B4T9 – Jill Gass and Frazer Hazlett with their record breaking time of 29 hours 16 minutes. Jill and Frazer took 3 hours 6 minutes off the 2-Mixed/2-Mixed 50+ record set last year.

Brook Henderson is the winner of the inaugural Hoodoo 300, Nomad Division, with an outstanding fastest overall time of 18 hours 30 minutes! Jeremiah Doherty is the first solo in at 19 hours 27 minutes. Marty Medina sets a 50+ record in 20 hours 19 minutes. Larry Nelson sets the 60+ record in 20 hours 35 minutes.  Two-Person Relay, 2-Mixed 50+ Jackwagons, Chris Donovan and Mark Mandel, set the 2-Man AND 2-Man 50+ record at 16 hours 20 minutes. The Hoodoo 300 course is now closed and final times are posted. Congratulations to all finishers and crew!

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