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Planet Ultra / Hoodoo 500 is testing GPS tracking at this year’s race. We highlight “testing” because we’re not sure how/if it’s going to work out and we’re asking for patience and grace if there are issues. Please do not email Planet Ultra during the race if there are issues with the tracking. You are welcome to provide feedback about the tracking after the race.

300-Mile Solo, Sean Johnson, wins the division and breaks the prior course record with his outstanding time of 18 hours 9 minutes! Our 300 Solo 50+ winner is Daniel Daley from Grants Pass, OR, in 21 hours 46 minutes. Our Nomad winner is Paul Grimm from Fredonia, AZ, just under the wire in 25 hours 52 minutes.

The 300-Mile 2-Day Stage race was won by Steve Hadley, with a superb time of 16 hours 51 minutes which is a new record. 60+ Robert Mutel broke his own course record by 42 minutes with his time of 23 hours 37 minutes.

In the 500-Mile race, top prize goes to Mark Skarpohl who wins both the overall and 50+ categories while breaking the prior 50+ record by nearly 2 hours. His time of 31 hours 24 minutes set a new, and very high standard. 

Top Voyager, John Nobile from Guilford, CT also wins both overall and 50+ with his time of 36 hours 18 minutes. Voyager 60+ Steve Meichtry sets a course record with his time of 46 hours 11 minutes.

1st Place Woman, and 2nd overall solo, Seana Hogan broke her own course record by 16 minutes with her super fast time of 36 hours 51 minutes.

1st Place Woman Voyager, Karen Dee Williams, finished looking fresh as a daisy in 44 hours 10 minutes. 

The 500-mile Stage Race was won by Shawn Kingrey in 30 hours 2 minutes. Jodie Lawston was the first woman in 43 hours 49 minutes.

Local boys, Team Red Rock, Jed Christensen, Alec Eror, Roger Ivey and Mark Larsen win the 4-Man Team division in 25 hours 49 minutes. Two-man 50+ Ultra Kage shattered the prior course record by over 5 hours! Congratulations Alexis Berthillier and Eric Ross for their outstanding performance.

New Records Set:
Solo Women Recumbent: Maria Parker – 46 hours 30 minutes
Solo Men Recument: Ben Tomblin – 44 hours 12 minutes
Voyager 60+: Steve Meichtry – 46 hours 11 minutes
Two-Married:  2Stoked, Julie & Colin Stokes, set a course record in 34 hours 55 minutes.
500-Mile Solo Stage Women 60+: Deborah Hoag – 46 hours 40 minutes
500-Mile Stage Solo 50+: Robert Choi – 30 hours 22 minutes
500-Mile Stage Solo 60+: Lap Lai – 41 hours 48 minutes
500-Mile Stage Solo Recumbent: Lief Zimmerman – 32 hours 31 minutes
500-Mile Stage 2-Mixed Relay: Team Rational (Christina Hoppe, Andres Quintana)

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