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Race photos are here and on Instagram (please #planetultra & #hoodoo500 on your smart phone).

Planet Ultra / Hoodoo 500 is proud to to once again provide GPS tracking at this year’s race. Please do not email Planet Ultra during the race if there are issues with the tracking. You are welcome to provide feedback about the tracking after the race which we’ll forward to TrackLeaders.

Time splits will be updated intermittently throughout the day; but not from 10pm-6am. Please follow your friends/family using the live tracking. Stage race end of day times and combined times will be updated in real time, as possible.

Click here for 500-Mile Non-Stop Race Time Splits
Click here for 500-Mile Stage Race Time Splits
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Click here for 300-Mile Stage Race Time Splits

Heartfelt thanks to our wonderful Hoodoo staff:
Racer Check-In Thursday:  Deborah Bowling, Brian Bowling, Jan & George Elder, Tony Musorafite, David Shryock, Jennifer Sieve, Karen Dee Williams.
Racer Check-In Friday: Deborah Bowling, Neil Jans, David Shryock, Jennifer Sieve, Pamela Simons, Robert Wright.
Racer Lead Out Friday: Brian Bowling
Racer Lead Out Saturday: Sean Johnson
Fredonia Time Station: Brook Henderson
Escalante Time Station: Brian Bowling
Bicknell Time Station: David Shryock
Panguitch Time Station: Tony Musorafite
Finish Line: Deborah Bowling & Jennifer Sieve
Set-Up/Take Down: