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CONGRATULATIONS HOODOO 500 Champion, Barry Dickson! Barry has the fastest time of 32 hours 38 minutes and sets the mark for the new route for both the Solo and Solo 50+ divisions. Impressive race indeed! Christine Sublett is the women’s champion in 48 hours 48 minutes.

CONGRATULATIONS HOODOO 500 Voyager Champion, Alberto Blanco for his superb finish at 35 hours 47 minutes. 

CONGRATULATIONS HOODOO 300 Champion, Andrew METAL Danly, who rode the FASTEST EVER time of 16 hours 12 minutes, on a new route with 10 extras miles and 500′ more climbing. Beyond impressive! Andrew’s time will set the mark in both the overall and 50+ divisions for what could be YEARS to come. What an amazing ride we witnessed today! We can’t wait to see the drone/video footage taken by his crew. Wow! Just WOW!!! Congratulations to our Hoodoo 300 women’s champion, Laura Crawford!

300 Relay Team Champs, Scott City (Scott Johnson, Scott Needham) had the fastest time with 19 hours 23 minutes.

2-Man Coconut Crab (Alexis Berthillier, Alain Debost) are the fastest 500-mile 2x relay team and the FASTEST EVER 2-man 50+ team with their smokin’ fast time of 28 hours 40 minutes! Congratulations!

4-Man Team Skipper (Bo Bohannon, Kimberly Keathley, J Brower, Tim Skipper) is in the house with a great time of 29 hours 57 minutes. This is the 8th finish for Tim Skipper: and frankly it wouldn’t be Hoodoo without him. He’s already promised to be back in 2019; and we already look forward to hosting him. 

Congratulations to Colin Stokes is the 2018 Stage Race Champion. His 3-day combined time of 32 hours 1 minutes sets a strong record for the 50+ division!  Congratulations to Womens Stage Race Champion, Shelby Weber with her fine time of 

Congratulations to Julian Schafer who takes the win at our 300 mile stage race with his 2-day combined time of 20 hours 3 minutes! 


Heartfelt thanks to our wonderful Hoodoo staff:
Racer Check-In Thursday:  Deborah Bowling, Brian Bowling, Richard Alspaugh, George Elder, Judith & Andrew Gustafson, Jennifer Sieve.
Racer Check-In Friday: Deborah Bowling, Richard Alspaugh, Jan & George Elder, Judith & Andrew Gustafson, Jennifer Sieve.
Racer Lead Out Friday: Brian Bowling
Racer Lead Out Saturday: Sean Johnson- Previous 300 AND 500 solo champion (solos); Joel Flowers- Hall of Famer from Team Chubby (teams)
Fredonia Time Station: Jennifer Sieve
Escalante Time Station: Brian Bowling
Bicknell Time Station: Katie & Bryan Shlinkmann
Panguitch Time Station: Judith & Andrew Gustafson
Finish Line: Deborah Bowling & Jennifer Sieve