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Solo Women
1st Place:  Tami Kerns from Yucaipa CA – 44 hours 59 minutes

Solo Men
1st Place:  Giovanni Prosperi from Broadview Heights, OH- 40 hours 27 minutes.

1st Place:  David Hasse from Fond Du Lac, WI – 35 hours 43 minutes. New Voyager and Voyager 50+ record.
2nd Place:  Kevin Bilbee from Apple Valley, CA – 40 hours 16 minutes.
3rd Place:  Max Lippe from Los Angeles, CA – 42 hours 30 minutes.

4-Person Relay
1st Place Overall:  4-man Soaring Coots – Yann Bertaud, Mark Gibson, Shane Trotter, Paul Webb – 25 hours 5 minutes. New 4-man 50+ record and fastest 4-man 50+ time on any prior Hoodoo 500 route!
1st Place 4-mixed and 2nd Place Overall – We’re Fine – Phillip Auriemma, Dee Mann, Robert Mann, Jen Orr – 29 hours 48 minutes.
3rd Place Overall – 303 Grupetto – Justin Arbuckle, Benjamin Smith, Kris Whalen, James Whitmore – 30 hours 21 minutes.
1st Place 4-mixed 50+ and 4th Place Overall – Team Skipper- Hiroko Koybashi, Jon Shellenbarger, Tim Skipper, Colette Van Dyk – 32 hours 43 minutes.


1st Place: Lori Hoechlin from Ladera Ranch, CA – 34 hours 32 minutes. New overall and 50+ record.
1st Place 60+ and 2nd Place overall: Barbara Sullivan from Carlsbad, CA – 34 hours 51 minutes. New 60+ record. 
3rd Place:  Kimmy Keathley from Bakersfield, CA – 36 hours 27 minutes.

1st Place:  Alain Debost from Palo Alto, CA – 33 hours 36 minutes.
2nd Place:  Mike Reese from San Marcos, CA – 34 hours 19 minutes.
3rd Place:  Stephen Roberts from Kaysville, UT – 36 hours 27 minutes**.

**You may notice in the official time splits that Sean Johnson from Washington, UT had the same finish time as Stephen Roberts. The Hoodoo Stage Race rules provide that in the event of a tie, the podium goes to the older of the two; and Stephen was the old man by 12 days. Sean graciously took 4th while his long-time friend, and ultra newbie, podiumed.

Men 50+
1st Place:  Alain Debost from Palo Alto, CA – 33 hours 36 minutes. New 50+ record. **
2nd Place:  Mike Reese from San Marcos, CA – 34 hours 19 minutes. **
3rd Place:  George Vargas from San Marcos, CA – 36 hours 28 minutes.

Men 60+
1st Place:  Dru Dixon from West Plains, MO – 38 hours 54 minutes. New 60+ record.
2nd Place:  William Spaeth from Arcata, CA – 40 hours 54 minutes.
3rd Place:  Rick Jacobson – Hall of Famer – from Van Nuys, CA – 42:08 

2-Person Relay
1st Place:  2-mixed Team Crawford – Laura & John Crawford, from New River, AZ – 33 hours 27 minutes. New 2-mixed and 2-mixed 50+ record.


Solo Women
1st Place:  Stefanie Young from Salt Lake City, UT – 21 hours 56 minutes. New course record!
2nd Place:  Ingrid Hillhouse from Kailua Kona, HI – 24 hours 57 minutes.

Solo Men
1st Place:  BJ Almberg from Ely, NV – 16 hours 23 minutes! This is a personal record for BJ by over an hour! Impressive!
2nd Place:  Wes Fornes from San Jose, CA – 17 hours 9 minutes.

Solo Men 50+
1st Place:  Chris Howard from Fort Collins, CO – 20 hours 23 minutes. New course record!
2nd Place:  Thomas Shepard from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA – 21 hours 12 minutes.
3rd Place:  Greg Shotts from Spring, TX – 21:39

1st Place:  Emily Lippe from Silverthorne, CA – 21 hours 11 minutes. New course record! This time bests ALL OTHER records on this course for Nomad, including men.
1st Place 60+:  Steve Meichtry from West Hills, CA – 25 hours 12 minutes. This was Steve’s 5th and HALL OF FAME finish! New 50+ and 60+ course record!

2-Person Relay
1st Place:  Love, Sweat and Gears- Candace Chiapusio and Julie Lyons, from Littleton, CO – 18 hours 36 minutes. New 2-women course record!


1st Place: 

With many international racers unable to travel,Because we had racers from different countries in many different time zones,and doing equivalent routes either indoors or outdoors, this category (for now) will be finish/no finish. It’s impossible to compare their efforts for purposes of podiums, so we’ll simply acknowledge each of their individual awesomeness with HUGE KUDOS!!!


Virtual Non-stop
Chris Calimano from Staten Island, NY – 40 hours 37 minutes (indoor trainer)
Tom Fanning from Indiana, PA – 31 hours 52 minutes (indoor trainer)
Tristan Laflamme from Ottowa, Canada 41 hours 17 minutes (indoor trainer)
Bharat Pannu from Bangaluro, India – 41 hours 0 minutes (indoor trainer)

Virtual Stage Race
Ginger Howell from Framingham, MA – 37 hours 12 minutes (indoor trainer)
Brian Martin from Kelowna, Canada – 38 hours 54 minutes (on the road!)


Virtual Non-stop
Mark Weidhase from West Covina, CA – 26 hours 55 minutes  (indoor trainer)

Virtual Stage Race 
Robert Baldino from Green Valley, AZ – 21 hours 59 minutes (some outdoors, some indoors)
Pete Wilda from Vancouver, WA – 19 hours 47 minutes (all outdoors)
Julian Schafer from Las Vegas, NV –
22 hours 45 minutes (some indoors, some outdoors)