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Overall Winner: Leah Goldstein from Vernon, British Columbia- 37 hours 3 min (14:04 mph). New women’s and women’s 50+ course record!

Voyager:  Sean Johnson from New York, NY- 37 hours 23 minutes (13.92 mph). Course record!

Voyager Woman: Kym Louie from Mountain View, CA- 48 hours 29 minutes (11.44 mph). Course record!

Voyagers Conjoined: Marco Ensing & Rob van der Veer- 45 hours 59 minutes (11.31 mph). Course record!


Overall Winner: Lori Hoechlin from Ladera Ranch, CA- 33 hours 9 min (15.7 mph). Women’s 50+ and 60+ course record!

2-man relay:  Ohio Cycleworks (Matthew Geis, Brian Ray)- 34 hours 9 min.

2-woman relay:   Badass&Jackass (Ekaterina Hardin, Shelby Weber)- 35 hours 36 min (14.62 mph). Course record!


Nomad and Nomad 50+: Kevin Bilbee from Apple Valley, CA – 20 hours 09 minutes (14.77 mph). New course record!

Solo Women 60+:  Laura Crawford from New River, AZ- 21 hours 51 minutes (13.43 mph). New course record for 50+ and 60+!

Solo Women:  Nancy Herms from Ely, NV – 20 hours 30 minutes (14.48 mph). New course record!

Solo Men:  Dan Thunell from Salt Lake City, UT – 19 hours 48 minutes (15.99 mph). New course record!

Solo Men Recumbent:  John Crawford from New River, AZ- 24 hours 36 minutes (12.07 mph). Course record for overall and 50+!

2-Man Relay: Team “2 Idiots Redeux” (Dave Ashby, Clark Livsey) from Utah- 17 hours 16 min (17.18 mph). New course record!

2-Mixed Relay: Team Red Dragon (Deborah Hoag, Matt Skipper)- 22 hours 10 min (13.40 mph). Course record!

2-Mixed 70+ Relay: Team Due Vecchi Amici (Robert Baldino, Dusty Dustyn)-  26 hours 3 min (11.40 mph) Course record!

2-Tandem Relay:  Team Skipper (Bernie Barge, Clay Sharp, Tim Skipper, Joanna Zhou) – 23 hours 41 min


Solo:  Kimmy Campbell from Bakersfield, CA- 18 hours 31 min (16.04 mph).  New overall and Women’s course record!

Solo 70+:  Thomas Keeley from Chesapeake, VA- 23 hours 57 min (12.42 mph). 60+ and 70+ course record!