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Solo Women Podiums:
1st Place OVERALL: Heather Poskevich from Washington DC – 35 hours 7 minutes (fastest women’s time in Hoodoo history)
2nd Place: Seana Hogan from Valley Springs, CA – 38 hours 39 minutes (1st place 60+ and 2nd Place OVERALL)
3rd Place: Jennifer Orr from Murrieta, CA – 40 hours 22 minutes

Solo Men Podiums:
1st Place: Tim James from New York NY – 38 hours 39 minutes
2nd Place: Thomas Marlowe from Arlington, VA – 39 hours 34 minutes

1st Place:  Kym Louie from Pasadena, CA – 49 hours 26 minutes
Only 29, Kym is our youngest Voyager finisher in the history of the event.

Solo Men 50+ Podiums:
1st Place: Chris Davies from Santa Clara, CA – 39 hours 49 minutes
2nd Place: Eric Pearce from Tucson, AZ – 42 hours 20 minutes
3rd Place: Ron Iseri from Camarillo, CA – 43 hours 0 minutes

2-Person Relay Podiums:
1st Place: Coconut Crab – 27 hours 52 minutes (fastest 2-person team time in Hoodoo history)
2nd Place: RRT4G Ultra Cycling
3rd Place: Beau & Babe

4-Person Relay Podiums:
1st Place: Team Red Rock – 23 hours 17min (fastest 4-man time in Hoodoo history). Breaks the record set in 2009,
2nd Place: Team Hammerhead
3rd Place:  303 Gruppetto – who wound up being a 3-person self-crewing 4-person team.


Solo Men Podiums:
1st Place: Jon Shellenbarger from Anaheim, CA – 33 hours 8 minutes
2nd Place: Sean Johnson from Washington, UT – 35 hours 1 minute

Solo Men 60+ Podiums:
1st Place: Victor Cooper from Torrance, CA – 37 hours 34 minutes
2nd Place: Rick Jacobson from Van Nuys, CA – 37 hours 40 minutes
3rd Place: Steve Meichtry from West Hills, CA – 38 hours 12 minutes

Solo Women Podiums:
1st Place: Shelby Weber from Westminster, CA – 35 hours 55 minutes
2nd Place: Kimberly Keathley from Bakersfield, CA – 36 hours 54 minutes
3rd Place: Robyn Stein from Orange, CA – 43 hours 8 minutes

2-Person Team:
1st Place: Great Scott! – 33 hours 6 minutes

Solo Men Podiums:
1st Place: Steve Hadley from Tooele, UT – 15 hours 59 minutes
2nd Place: BJ Alberg from Ely, NV – 17 hours 36 minutes
3rd Place: Rick Miller from Salt Lake City, UT – 18 hours 52 minutes

Solo Women Podiums:
1st Place: Marisa Uchin from Washington DC – 23h 0 minutes
2nd Place: Sophia Buie from Bend, OR – 25 hours 42 minutes
3rd Place: Ellen Kirk from Louisville, CO – 26 hours 38 minutes

Nomad Podiums: 
1st Place: Bradley Adams from Pleasant Grove, UT – 21 hours 39 minutes
2nd Place: Jim Auwen from Thatcher, AZ – 25 hours 14 minutes

Team Podiums:
1st Place: Deep Breath Cycling (2-men)
2nd Place: Weakened Warriors (2-women)
3rd Place: Team Skipper (Father-Son)


Solo Men Podiums:
1st Place: Billy Tenhagen
2nd Place: Robert Mann (fixed gear)
3rd Place: Robert Mutel (1st place 70+ and new Hoodoo Hall of Famer)

Solo Women Podiums:
1st Place: Christy McBride

Tandem Podiums:
1st Place: Lisa and Michael Andersen


Heartfelt thanks to our wonderful Hoodoo staff:
Racer Check-In Thursday:  Deborah Bowling, Dusty Dustyn, Louise Hose, Deborah Hoag
Racer Check-In Friday: Deborah Bowling, Dusty Dustyn, Judith & Andrew Gustafson, Deborah Hoag, Louise Hose, Julian Schafer
Racer Lead Out Friday: Brian Bowling
Racer Lead Out Saturday: Solos- Dee Mann; Teams Joel Flowers (Hall of Famer)
Orderville Time Station Saturday: Julian Schafer, Dusty Dustyn, Louise Hose
Escalante Time Station: Brian Bowling
Bicknell Time Station: Katie & Bryan Shlinkmann
Panguitch Time Station: Judith & Andrew Gustafson
Roving Officials: Deborah Bowling, Brian Bowling, Mike Conti, Dusty Dustyn/Louise Hose, Deborah Hoag, Julian Schafer, Katie & Bryan Schlinkmann

Finish Line: Deborah Bowling & Dee Mann

Tracking information is not the official results; only times and rider status in the webcast is official.